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Project MileSTONES constitutes a targeted effort to protect and promote the cultural heritage in the cross-border area of Greece – Albania. It is implemented under the 2nd Call of the IPA Cross-border Programme “Greece – Albania 2007-2013” by the Municipality of Dodoni, as Lead Partner, in cooperation with the Municipality of Finiq, the Ephorate of Antiquities of Ioannina and the Regional Directory of National Culture of Saranda. The project focuses on the theatres of Dodoni and Finiq, two of the most important archeological sites in the cross-border area.

The project is expected to contribute decisively to the protection and the enhancement of the two archaeological sites, forming the conditions for a sustainable cooperative network in culture, between Greece and Albania, using a bottom-up planning approach. In addition, the project will develop and promote an innovative, digital, cultural route, connecting Dodoni and the theatre of Finiq, which will include and highlight all the points of cultural interest in the cross-border area.

The result of the project is expected to contribute substantially to the main objective of MileSTONES, which is the protection and promotion of the area’s cultural heritage within the frame of a special strategy of sustainable development which will improve the employment opportunities and economic growth, in respect to the environment and culture in a cross-border scale.